ipod -> computer transfer

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22-01-2008 22:50:24

hi, i have a 60GB video ipod (THX TRAINN) that i got awhile back and its completely full so i am going to buy a 160GB. with that being said, i'm just wondering if there are programs out there that can transfer ipod music back to the computer in order of albums and artist, where it categorizes everything. I've used one or two that were pretty lousy and crammed all the MP3s into one stupid folder. So is there a program out there?


23-01-2008 00:00:18

USB cord, ipod is basically an external hard drive


23-01-2008 00:28:34

thing is i can't seem to find the mp3 files if i were to just plug it in..

woops wrong section..doh.


23-01-2008 05:59:25

While you technically can copy music off an iPod as if it were an external HDD, the music files aren't stored in a very usable or recognizable format. There are guides on the net to show you how to manually pull the music off the iPod, but there are much better ways. There are numerous free and commercial iPod-compatible media players and utilities that allow you to backup your iPod to the PC Then you can either use the same tool to transfer it to the new iPod, or import the music back into iTunes and sync with the new iPod.

Just google for "free ipod backup" and you'll find plenty.


23-01-2008 06:37:31

In the past, I've used iDump to do it. Very small program, and does the job well.

But I've got a Zune now... and the Zune software actually lets you copy stuff from the Zune to your PC (or from someone else's Zune to your PC, your Zune to someone else's PC, etc). Very convenient


23-01-2008 23:30:24

thanks for the help guys, i'll try dmorris' way, if that doesn't work out i'll try the idump. thanks you guys!~