Multiple People At One IP?

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22-01-2008 16:48:38

Ok, so apparently i did not pay enough attention to site rules. I have three people at my household using the same internet and mailing address, If they refer me, and it completes, what are the consequences, and also, is there anything that can be done to cancel it or void the referral so I don't get into trouble? Thanks


22-01-2008 18:20:13

That's Cardinal Freebie Rule #1.

Sorry to say, but you should have done a little homework before diving in. In all likelyhood, everybody involved will be disqualified and placed on hold at all sites where another in the household also signed up. One signup per household per site. Household means the same mailing address and residential IP address.


22-01-2008 18:22:54

Do you think, if I contact them about my situation, they will just disqualify the offers?


22-01-2008 20:43:58

It depends on the site, but I'm going to say that it is very unlikely that they will do that (although it doesn't hurt to ask the site owners).

Good luck.


22-01-2008 21:10:37

Alright thanks, i figure its the best chance i got, better now than later i guess.


23-01-2008 17:17:23

[quotee6eaa056b1="Twisted1851"]Alright thanks, i figure its the best chance i got, better now than later i guess.[/quotee6eaa056b1]


The damage is already done, but I would discourage anyone in your home, from attempting to log into the sites any longer, until a decision is made from each site. You can contact the site owners through their side discussion forums...or through a pm or both.

Yes, it is an extreme taboo, but some sites will forgive if it appears to be newbie error, though not the majority. I am speaking as a trader only, and not as a rep for YGF...if you are having this issue with us, I can in no way guarantee what the results will be.

I do wish you the best, and if you continue to work freebies, please educate yourself as much as, read, read, and never be afraid to ask advice from experienced traders...either here in this forum or through PM. There are many helpful people here!

Margot ;)