Outside Billing Companies

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22-01-2008 08:38:48

Many of these offers - especially trial offers - use an outside billing company. Some of them use the same ones as others. Which I personally never had any issues with.

But I have a ref who is being told that she can't complete certain offers unless she either uses a different credit card or waits 90 days for her information to be deleted from the billing company's computer system. She told me which offers she was trying to do - different companies.

Has anyone ever run across this before?


22-01-2008 08:46:15

I haven't had that problem before, not that I've been told, anyway, as long as they have different "parent" companies. Who is it that told her she had to wait or use a different credit card?

What offers/companies are they? I want to make sure I don't run into the same problem.