How long to receive PayPal from TRAINN sites?

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22-01-2008 08:36:23

I recently submitted approval for my 1st 2 cashouts (yay!!! D ) with TRAINN. One has been approved and the other is awaiting approval. To get to the point, how long does it typically take to receive my cash? I thought that it should go fairly quick since most of my refs were spaced out pretty good (time wise).

Thank you!


22-01-2008 09:09:14

I got an answer to my question! Should have just looked in the TRAINN forum 1st anyway. Someone else had asked the same question. The answer was Wednesdays and Saturdays, I'm assuming that is still the case. If so, I should get paid today! WooHoo!

Sorry for not looking more before I posted.



22-01-2008 09:16:40

Not to burst your bubble, but today is Tuesday. P


22-01-2008 09:47:51


sandra habina

22-01-2008 14:44:37

Trainn usually approves later at nite. And they payout about 3-4 AM EST.

ON WEDS AND SATS. So yes you should see payment tonite - well it is Wednesday at 4 AM. Congrats dear.