Just want to do things right

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19-01-2008 10:30:16

Its ok to use your computer at home to do actually offers but use your at work (different computer) to check forums like this and make and respond to pms right?

You just can't do offers from separate computers?

I notice that there are alot of rules which ive read through...which is good and makes me feel more secure about trying this stuff out

Ill prolly ask a few questions from time to time cause i really want to learn this and i really want to do it right and not get banned or anything else for not knowing how things worked

Just want to do business honest trading partners as most of you prolly do to

Look forward to working with some of you ....


19-01-2008 11:02:08

yes youre right

you cant do any offers on any other computers other than your household, the one you started with

but now some sites offers a feature that lets you check the status of your site at other computers

and yes you can login in any computers to respond in forum, make sure no one is using it that is register on fipg too


19-01-2008 11:06:19

how bad does it screw you up if you sell you old comp and buy a new one?


19-01-2008 11:07:44


its based on your ISP not on your computer....

internet service provider IP address


19-01-2008 13:59:13

ya sorry lol ...what was in my head didnt come out on message im upgrading from dial up(i live in the country) to dsl soon now that its available with a different service provider ....how does that work?


19-01-2008 16:02:17

You'll want to let the site(s) that you are working on before (and after) the change. That way they know it is going to happen, and they 'should' make a note of it, therefore keeping your account in good standing. It is up to the individual sites/site owners, however.

Good luck.