Debit Cards???

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18-01-2008 21:25:00

Hi. Can one use a debit card to complete offers at ifw's??? Thanks. -N


18-01-2008 21:38:55

I think it all depends. I use my bankcard sometimes which is a debit visa - but it goes through like a credit card - and my paypal mastercard is the same way. I haven't had any problems (yet), but I usually try to stick to my regular credit cards if possible.

Doesn't Project Payday cover this issue in their materials?


18-01-2008 21:39:56

Most offers in my experience HAVE NOT allowed debit cards... Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I'd hate to have you complete an offer and not get credit... That is very depressing )

p.s. 54 posts, yet only one TR? what's up with that? )


18-01-2008 21:48:37

I forgot to include the "it all depends" reason - regular prepaid debit cards cannot provide identity and address verification. Don't use them - EVER. But I know a lot of people who use bankcards as credit cards and have no problem with them. Still - regular credit cards are best.

And TravMan162 - it's easy to post all over the place, harder to get good trades. I have 632 posts but only 52 TR. And...?


18-01-2008 21:57:05

Ha, I hear that, I've been posting a lot lately, but that absolutely does not help you get referrals!!! haha, what can you do right? I'll just keep typing away, maybe someone will find me useful at some point ) ) )


18-01-2008 21:59:40

I know the feeling sigh


19-01-2008 00:59:45

i think freebie sites generally prefer cc!


19-01-2008 02:04:55

ive used debit cards for most of my trading and have had no problem but have noticed that some sites will even ban you for this and for using prepaid debit cards.


19-01-2008 09:36:17

yes prepaid is a nonononono


24-01-2008 05:46:25

I dont use a prepaid, but i have used my Debit Card for every single offer.... and NO PROBLEMS (knock on WOOD)... JUST STAY AWAY FROM PREPAID.