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17-01-2008 15:11:15

My referral is doing a site for me and he clicked on 2 different offers but he said it brought him to the same website.

2 different offers but the same site. He wants to know if it is ok to do both offers or will that be considered as doing the same offer or fraud?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks D


18-01-2008 04:13:35

It would be doing the same offer twice. There are several offers I know of that have multiple ads, and often are designed to look different, but take you to the same company.

The exception to this that I know of is that Scholastic will let you do several different "clubs" as long as you are not doing them simultaneously.


sandra habina

18-01-2008 05:41:53

You can also check in their FAQ or TERMS - if the mother company name and phone are the same - then it is the same product with just a different name. I do not know why they do this - to me it is like a trap but I guess that is why we need to read everything about each offer.
Some times an offer will say it is allowed to do both of their sister offers but it is wise to do them on different sites.


18-01-2008 08:55:16

[b2a7418254e]Thanks for the Replys. I appreciate it.[/b2a7418254e]


18-01-2008 15:16:43

Yeah, it sounds like those two particular offers are the same, however there are many instances where they are not, and like someone said, it is okay to do all of (or most of) them... For instance, Pacific Web Works has almost all of the fast crediting "make money on ebay" and "make money on google" sites... Including, "Google SEO Supervisor" "Increase My Margin" "Eauction Expert" "Chuck something or other Teaches Ebay," etc. etc. You can do every single one of those offers but beware of two things. If the credit card you use has security measures on it, it won't let you do them all because as far as it is concerned it is a "duplicate transaction," and it will not go through. This can lead to confusion in billing, double charges, missed charges, and all sorts of crazy crap, so just keep this in mind, and if you find you've taken part in two trials from the same company, it wouldn't hurt to call them up just to clarify what exactly you are enrolled in and when your trials are up, when you will be billed, etc etc etc....