eBay ref-farming?

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17-01-2008 07:59:20

First off, I apologize if this has already been covered; I did a search for it, but found nothing, really.

So, I was browsing eBay recently, and I came along a few "auctions" that were all about getting a free PS3 (or whatever else) via freebie sites. The auction claimed that they knew how to get a free PS3, and would contain links to video proof on YouTube. Some of them had all the steps required right in the auction, along with their ref link, while others asked you to contact them for further info.

I got a couple of questions on this. First, doesn't eBay NOT permit these type of auctions? I thought they did, but there are auctions there that have been going on for quite a few days (I've been watching), and nothing has happened to them.

Secondly (and maybe most importantly), let's assume that eBay does allow these auctions; does anyone know how good they are for getting refs? I asked one of the sellers, and he told me he got 15-30 people per day (a bit ridiculous, if you ask me), and that 75% of the refs actually went the whole way with it and completed their offer (considerably more ridiculous).

Can anyone confirm/debunk eBay as a good way to farm refs? Even if the above-mentioned guy's numbers are extremely inflated (we'll say 15-30 refs per month or 2 month period, with a 25% completion rate), it still seems like a half-way decent method to get free refs.

Please, put me out of my misery and tell me this is just crap. If it was a tried and true method to getting refs, wouldn't everyone be doing it?


sandra habina

17-01-2008 14:08:02

Hello Frizzank - been awhile. I believe from what I have read that ebay does not allow this. No posting of ref links. How they are getting away with it - I am not sure. ??? And if it were true or allowed - yes alot of people would be doing it.

Maybe someone else has more information on this.


17-01-2008 14:39:08

I actually signed up for my first freebie site (yourps34free) through someone on ebay. Then I set up the auction and was able to get 1 referral within a day or two, then ebay pulled my auction telling me it was against the rules. Some times it takes a while for ebay to notice the auction often needing others to report it to them.


17-01-2008 15:34:13

The auctions get pulled when someone reports them. If two people are pursuing the same site, then one or the other reports the other auction, waits a couple of days, and then puts up their own auction. This is the same practice as when sellers of the same good report each other for violations.