Any issues with Machiavelli X?

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12-01-2008 13:35:21

I'm purposely not posting in the scammer/problem trader section because this person has positive feedback and I haven't seen anything negative.

But, he agreed to do a trade and then never even signed up and completely stopped contacting me. He never said that he was not going to complete our trade.

Just curious if anyone has had a similar issue or if this is a one-time incident. Maybe he changed his mind and just didn't want to PM me and tell me?


sandra habina

12-01-2008 14:58:24

Get used to that dear - it happens more often than you think.

Many just figure - why bother to have the common courtesy to let a person know. Or they just quit. Not sure why - but it happens.
You were right not to post in scammers because that would have been wrong. By not answering your PMs or finishing a site for paypal does not make a scammer.


13-01-2008 06:38:00

I would recommend just deleting the trade and moving on. Like Sandy says, it happens. I know it's frustrating, but there's nothing you can do about it.

Many traders have gone to specifying in their trade agreements a time limit to sign up and expectations for contact if there are delays. I know I have gotten to the point where I usually will write something like

"$25 PayPal for a green on Must be yellow in 72 hours and provide update every 4 days until green. If not green in 45 days, I may cancel if I wish and owe nothing."[/color3ef686b752]

That way, I am covered and don't have to wait forever for no-shows. Although I list that I can cancel if I wish after 45 days, I generally do not if the trader has been working on it and staying in touch.

Just a suggestion for the future. Feel free to PM me if you have other questions, or post and I'll try to answer.



13-01-2008 07:22:00

I have many refs who asked for sites and never signed up. Even tho it is frustrating the best thing to do is delete the trade and move on like said earlier. I like the suggestion about time limit on things but worry i would loose traders in the process because they are intimidated by a time line. I myself have forgotten trades because of having so many but to not answer a pm is just rude.


13-01-2008 08:47:36

I agree with Bugs... If you are going to gain any amount of clout on this site, you at least have to tie up your loose ends... There will be times when you sign up to a site and you find that there are just enough offers on there for you to hypothetically green, you proceed to do them all, just to find out that two of them are not crediting... At this point, you can fill out the MCR's but that can take over a month... The point is, this WILL happen, and we all understand this, but it is nice for you to tell the person who referred you what is going on... The person you're dealing with obviously does not have the common courtesy to respond or explain what is going on, and thus like Bugs said, you should just delete him... You need to communicate to be successful and if you don't want to put in the two seconds to respond, then you're probably going to get deleted...

Sandra is right though, you can't put him in the scammers section because he technically didn't SCAM you, he scammed himself... Assuming he completed an offer or two on your site... It cost you nothing, but a bit of frustration... So cut your losses and delete the trade, there's plenty of other more efficient people to work with )


13-01-2008 10:31:28

Thanks guys! It just seemed strange because he seemed like a good guy. Oh well.