Paypal froze my account 180 days

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11-01-2008 12:57:20

Paypal froze my account 180 days

I was wondering if I could make a Second account without them detecting it or linking it?

Anyone had experience? I would not use it to receive money, No sir... I would not take chances but I will be using it to pay my referrals...


11-01-2008 13:30:38

If you have a second checking account you can link a new PayPal account to, then I'm positive they wouldn't detect it. But if it's the same bank account as is linked to the frozen PayPal account, I can't imagine this going undetected.

Worth a shot, IMO.

sandra habina

11-01-2008 13:40:06

Good lord - that is 6 months. Did they explain why?

I would be talking to paypal about that.


11-01-2008 13:44:52

I sold some abercrombie jeans (I used to work there) and they were sold over $60 bucks and I was not able to provide them with receipts.. they thought it was fake. I emailed them a copy of my Abercrombie employee card.. and they still wouldnt...

But I dont have a second checking account

but I always put my mastercard debit card but it will not be adifferent address

its gonna be the same address.. what you think about that?


11-01-2008 14:33:08

Same address? Yeah, I think they've most likely got it together enough to flag the same name & address as being the same person trying to open another account. lol

Whether they care enough to do anything about it, is another story. You may be committing fraud if you're attempting to hide who really are, and seeing as how PayPal is somewhat of a financial institution, penalties for that could possibly me more severe than doing so, say, here at FiPG. The worst they'd liprobablyli do is deny or shutdown the new account too, but who knows.


11-01-2008 14:42:17

To be honest...

The account that was frozen recently was my second account and I am not sure how I did that... I never moved or anything been living on the same address for 8years

I just wanted to pay my referrals with the new account and there is no way I will use it to receive payments lol I don't want to risk it.

But I know for a fact it has always been different checking because I remember closing my bank account.. and opening a new one

I guess I will just have to share paypal with my friend


12-01-2008 13:19:43

I guess I don't understand why they froze your account for 6 months. Normally, if there is a buyer's claim against you they will put a temporary hold on the account until they come to a decision as to whether or not the money is to be returned to the buyer.

Couldn't you have just issued the buyer a refund and put an end to the whole claim? It must be more than that if they actually froze your account. It's hard to tell you what to do when we don't know the whole story.

But, yes, you can have 2 paypal accounts. You can just delete your banking info from this account and use it to open a new account. I would suggest opening a premier or business account this time, not the same type of account as the one you currently have.

I don't believe that would be against the rules, because you need a paypal account to operate your "business".

If I've helped at all, please give +karma!!



13-01-2008 06:30:44

I would be very careful about that. My adult daughter has had a problem with a dropshipper not sending some items she sold on ebay and PayPal has frozen her account while she works that out. Because she lives at the same address as me and has occasionally used her PayPal to pay me money she owes me, PayPal has now also frozen my account, because they claim they are "linked". We have sent photo ID to prove we are two different people, and I have argued the point with customer service several times, but they refuse to release my account until hers is cleared up.

So, yes, you can have two paypal accounts, but if there is a problem with one, they will freeze them all, at least in my experience.



13-01-2008 08:56:03

6 months seems kind of absurd. I would call Paypal and talk to them personally... They are probably trying to make sure you aren't a scammer and if you call up and tell them what is going on, there's no way they won't help you out... 6 months is a little out of control for something as silly as jeans... Come on now...