What happens if I go away to college?

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10-01-2008 07:36:14

I am doing this part time and I've signed up for sites using my computer at home. I will be going for college at the end of Jan, and I was just wondering if that will affect my ability to continue going and receiving greens for freebies sites. I will have a new laptop of my own, but I might have to share the internet network with other students on campus. If something goes wrong with my laptop, I might to even use my school's computer. Will that make me appear like I'm trying to cheat? What can I do to avoid that? Does this mean I can only come back to my home to do freebies sites?


10-01-2008 16:37:44

I would say your best option is to contact the site owner who you're having this issue with.
This way they become aware of the situation and can clear anything up before it turns into a mess.


11-01-2008 12:49:11

I am sad to tell you that you cannot do offers on campus or work, no public ISPs... it has to be a household address


13-01-2008 01:19:47

[quoted5b64d71a7="puppeteer"]I am sad to tell you that you cannot do offers on campus or work, no public ISPs... it has to be a household address[/quoted5b64d71a7]

[bd5b64d71a7]Well, actually, there are many exceptions to that, and you can not say that all people can not do any of this from any of these locations. I have many in college doing sites from their laptops...and many working the sites from their job locations. Your particular circumstances do dictate whether this is doable for you, and yes, the best thing to do is contact the sites you are working.

If you can use your laptop, and not have to feed off of another's internet connection, and do have one of your own, you should be fine. Do not use a school computer, because the possibility of a proxy, and duplicate IP's is too great.

Be sure to never have another use your laptop to sign up for anything regarding freebie sites, and don't use another's to do the same. YGF does have a status page that you can use to check on your sites without having to worry about having your IP logged. Hopefully other sites have this as well...and perhaps some will take a moment to let us know about it if they do..? wink

Have a good one,

YGF Margot D [/bd5b64d71a7][/colord5b64d71a7]


14-01-2008 13:10:50

I said public ISPs ) meaning no campuses computers or library or other public places

but yes if you live an apartment and your ISP is not provided by the school but your own, then you should be good D