When does TR show up?

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10-01-2008 05:29:56

I completed my first trade yesterday with a 25 TR person. We both completed the request TR form, and now I am waiting to see that magical (1) next to my name. How long does it take for TR to go through?

sandra habina

10-01-2008 06:24:17

The moderators check the credit requests - usually in 1 or 2 days. But sometimes they need to put attentions to other priorities. OK
But you should have it soon. Congrats !!!


10-01-2008 06:25:13

Whenever those lazy/busy mods get off their butts and credit it.

Oh, wait...

I just caught up all the TR requests. Sometimes it takes awhile for us to get around to crediting.


10-01-2008 06:25:18

Yeah. Not trying to be impatient, just curious since I am new to this freebie site how things work.

Thank you for the fast response!

Now about that 4 TR limitation thing... oh forget it! D


10-01-2008 06:27:53

Hey I'd be glad to get rid of the 4 TR limitation, the only catch is people have to be open to the idea of people creating several accounts and setting up trades with themselves to inflate their TR, so they can make other traders pay first, and then run away with their money.

Your call... D

sandra habina

10-01-2008 06:35:25

I think if you read the rules and guidelines again - it explains the reason for the TR 4. It is a protection for new traders and everyone. CG explained it but in a rather sarcastic way - you have to get to know him - he is a riot sometimes but he knows what he is doing.

TR 4 is a protection not a burden. I myself would like to see it raised higher.