I'm Probably Not The Only One

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09-01-2008 16:32:06


I have been searching countless days looking for ways to make money online without getting. . ., and wasted way too much time trying out puffed up junk. I consider myself a savvy Internet user, and I believe my yeoman skills are paying off. I have not made any money yet, but I have made it to this point. Hopefully, I will not get ripped off in my endeavors as I develop a trusting alliance.

For right now, I need cash and fast!



sandra habina

09-01-2008 18:16:45

You will find many traders looking for help doing their sites on the trading post. I can help you with some fast cash also.


10-01-2008 02:53:44

There are a lot of traders here, Including myself, that can help you develop a strategy to maximize cash flow - immediate and long term. There are a lot of traders all across the freebie world that are making a decent second income with a moderate time commit. Obviously the more time committed the money you can earn - the key is that this IS a legit way to make some money on the web - and, for the most part it can be self funded if you make your plan up front. Some sites/networks are better than others and there ARE pitfalls - one being - and I am throwing this out there - PLEASE before you make a trade read all about how to get credit for your offers completed - Any trader you make a trade with should be able to help you with this - I thought it was all nonsense when I first started - after all I am competent and smart - well it turned out that the internet is not as efficient as we beleive BUT - if you follow the tried and true sugestions you should have NO problems ... anyhow PM me or another trader if you have any questions - Good Luck!


12-01-2008 13:23:38

I have many sites to help you get started. PM me for details and post in the Trading Post that you want to do some offers and you'll get boatloads of PM's.



13-01-2008 01:26:43

Hello and Welcome Aboard,

Yes, there are many traders here that are very honest, and this is an extremely good way to make money legitimately. Your best bet is to start with traders who have high TR's, and are newbie friendly that will show you how to make this work for you. Read all you can. You seem like the type to want to educate yourself before you take the leap...you will do fine here.

Much success,

YGF Margot ;)


13-01-2008 08:38:52

Hey bud, this site and all its affiliates are a great way to make some quick cash in about an hour's worth of work, or to make even bigger cash over the slightly longer term, with a little bit of effort... You can be successful as long as you just know how to keep track of things... It's also great because you get to try out things that you would normally be interested in, and generally get paid to do it! Trading is very fun and you will undoubtedly meet some really good and interesting people on here as well... Like anything, there is a degree of wariness you must possess, as this is the business of money and as such, there WILL be people that want to scam you out of it... However if you do a little research as to who you're trading with, you should be fine... Look for not only TR, (as I only have a few, but I am honest and hardworking) but also look for how many forum posts people have (as this shows their level of involvement on the site besides just trading) and look at their feedback and the responses to their posts to see the quality person you would be dealing with... Most people are extremely helpful and patient, Margot and SandraHabina, who responded to this post are both fantastic people and I would definitely recommend them )

Feel free to PM me with any questions, I'll get back to you quickly ) )


19-01-2008 19:06:46

You can definitely make money doing trades-I've been discouraged in so many money making ventures too-well all I can see is that you do have to put time and money into this to make it work though!

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20-01-2008 15:17:41

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