Repeat Offers??

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06-01-2008 19:57:46

Hi all,

I am not sure if this question has been asked before, but I could not find it.
Here is the problem I am running into.
All the offers are the same on every site, so when I go to sign up they are saying duplicate transactions.
Is there any way around this besides another card?


07-01-2008 06:50:28

You are not allowed to complete an offer more than once. Using a different card/name is fraud(I believe) and the credit you get for doing an offer can be revoked, this is called "going red".

Alot of sites do have the same offers, but there should be enough of them where you can complete many(6-7 sites at LEAST) before you start to run out of offers. Try completing the offers that aren't instant credit. There are more of them. and remember, DONT complete the same offer twice between two different sites.

If you're looking for other sites to green on I have two
rocketbills <-> $30 on green
yourhugerewards <-> $25 on green

depending on what sites you've done these might have some different offers.

hope this helps!


07-01-2008 07:22:30

Yeah that would be fraud...

You can not do a offer twice. The sites have the same offers because some of them run through the same affils. But theres plenty of sites out there with different offers.


10-01-2008 04:14:09

A lot of sites have similar/same offers. You never want to complete the same offer twice - the goal of the business is first complete ofers you have a legitimate interest in. Give the offer a true try - find out about it etc. Then, after you have gone green on some sites you can begin paying for referalls - this second part is where you will graduate too and then begin to earn a steady income from this business. You CAN make this business work for you having only completed offers you truly WANT to try.

Also as manOFice said - there are many different sites - some sites offer exactly the same and others have some unique offers - get with a trader that will help you make a plan and find some sites with more offers... PM me or any other helpful tradr if you need anything.


10-01-2008 11:36:51

I ran into that problem too~running out of offers to try. But, as Matt2040 said, try some that are not instant credit. You may also have to do some that cost more money. As you go along, it's not as easy to green for a few dollars on the sites. You may have to spend $20 to make $50, but you still have $30 profit.

Also, I tried to do offers that I could use for gifts at Christmas time. I joined several of the book clubs, there are, vitamin offers, etc. that you can actually use.

It's also time for you to start looking for refs yourself!! There's alot of competition for that out there, but it just requires patience and you have to be willing to pay the "going" rate. Don't try to take advantage of newbies by lowballing them, that will only burn you in the end.

Git-R-Free Sites have TONS of offers!!
I have several of those and others if you are interested!

Hope this helps, if so, please give +karma!



22-01-2008 16:59:18

I ran into that problem before as well. I know Pacific Webworks has a lot of affiliate offers. It can get frustrating. But like everyone said, just keep checking different sites, you'll find plenty of new ones eventually.


22-01-2008 17:00:45

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