Paypal - debit card question!

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04-01-2008 03:40:47

I have a verified paypal account and i was wondering if theres any other way to add funds to the account other then from a bank account? I have my own debit card added onto there and id like to use that too put money on paypal, anyone know if I can?


04-01-2008 05:53:31

If you went to pay someone or a bill or something and didn't have enough money in your paypal account it'll ask you where do you want to pull the rest of the funds from. Then yo can select your card.


08-01-2008 21:44:43

Just list it as a back up funding source.


13-01-2008 03:32:01

i tried this option and it pulled it straight from my banking source. I was trying to use the credit card i have listed on my paypal. what did i do wrong?


13-01-2008 06:43:29

There should be a link under "My Account" that says "Add Funds". That should give you the options to add money to your PayPal balance directly from your bank account. I don't know if you can use it with a credit card or not.

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13-01-2008 08:52:45

Paypal can be tricky when it comes to this... I ran into a problem during the christmas season where I bought something on eBay and tried to pay with paypal... I didn't have enough funds to pay it, so i pulled some from my bank account, and it said the payment was approved....

Four days later I find out that the person didn't get paid until the transaction actually cleared my bank account three days later, and in turn my item shipped out late and missed Christmas...

Point is, i believe your question was something to the effect of "can i instantly get money into my paypal" and unfortunately i believe the answer is NO, you kind of have to stay on top of that and anticipate any purchases you will be making if you want the payment to go through instantly... Frustrating, I know, but paypal has to cover their own butt too... Hope this helps ) )


13-01-2008 09:14:52

You can't use a credit card as backup funding for the debit card. Only bank accounts. Nor, as I recall, can you deposit funds into your PayPal account with a credit card.

You CAN of course use a credit card to fund a PayPal payment through the web site, of course. You just can't use a CC to convert funds to cash that you can easily access. Doing so would run afoul of CC rules regarding cash advances -- most CC issuers have strict rules and fees associated with cash advances, and won't let you do things that would get around those. If you could fund PayPal from a CC, or use it as a debit card backup, you could then use a debit card to withdraw cash from your CC for "free."


13-01-2008 10:24:44

I guess I misunderstood your question. You cannot use a credit card to ADD money to your PayPal account. You can list it as a back up funding source and if there are not enough funds in the Paypal account, then it will give you the option of pulling from your debit card or credit card. Just make sure that you pull from your credit card. Have it listed as your #1 primary back up funding source.

If you have a CONFIRMED bank account on file, then it will instantly transfer funds when you make a purchase through Paypal without any "clearing" time. Just make sure that you click on "Instant Transfer" as your back up funding source. What you did was probably an e-check and that does take time to clear. You may have also added funds to your Paypal account and that does take 3-5 days to appear in your balance.

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13-01-2008 12:15:07

I've had instances where eCheck was the only available option and Instant Transfer was not selectable.
I believe this is a security feature that PayPal has. Unfortunately, I feel it gets implemented at the worst times...


13-01-2008 12:26:42

Hmmm, I've never heard that. Mine always allows an option for instant transfer.


13-01-2008 13:02:44

Perhaps it depends on what kind of account you have.