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30-12-2007 02:23:25

Hi, Total newbie here. Can anyone tell me if I should clear cookies in between doing offers on the same site. I have read different opinions about this on different forums and wonder if anyone here knows for sure.

sandra habina

30-12-2007 02:51:13

I was taught that it is very important to clear cookies in between offers but some people do it differently. There is a couple of good crediting posts that mat help you - written by Margot530 and also BigWarBird in this HELP forum section. wink


30-12-2007 03:27:25

I'll check them out. Thanks

sandra habina

30-12-2007 03:45:43

You are welcome gw1973 - I also sent you some helpful PM's. Private messages. Just click on new PMs tab to read them dear. The tab is under the FIPG title at top of these pages.


31-12-2007 22:05:46

I learned the hard way on my first two offers.


03-01-2008 06:38:08

If you clear your cookies before you begin completing offers each day, there's no reason to clear cookies in the middle of completing a series of offers (for example, if you're working on a DIY site).


03-01-2008 06:45:56

[quotea5caaea64b="doylnea"]If you clear your cookies before you begin completing offers each day, there's no reason to clear cookies in the middle of completing a series of offers (for example, if you're working on a DIY site).[/quotea5caaea64b]

What if you are doing them on different freebie sites?? I was told if you switched freebie sites you should clear cookies, so that you're sure the correct site is reading it.



03-01-2008 06:55:43

It's probably worthwhile, but not required to clear your cookies before starting on a new site.


03-01-2008 07:15:00

FWIW (and don't take this as advice or recommendation, it's just my own experience), I have lineverli cleared cookies before doing offers. Only occasionally as part of system-wide cleanup, such as when running CCleaner, or when I have a problem that I suspect is cookie-based. But never as a precautionary or intentional effort when doing freebie sites. And my crediting success rate is pretty high, I'd say 90% or better. I suspect most crediting problems are either due to user error (mis-clicking, not letting a page with a pixel tracker fully load, etc), or simply reporting problems on the advertiser or freebie site end. I know some offers are just notoriously poor at either tracking or reporting credit, and will just wait for MCR's to come in (according to at least one site rep I spoke with).

Cookie problems can certainly happen, but they are for the most part over-hyped. Most people don't understand how they work, which leads people to blame them when something goes wrong and they don't know why.


05-01-2008 08:37:41

I usually just clear my cookies right before I'm going to sign up for the site and offers. I don't clear in between offers (used to do that when I first started, but seemed like overkill).

I just clear cookies, sign up for the site using the ref link, and then complete my offers. If I look thru a whole bunch of offer to read the terms and conditions first before deciding which I want to do, I will then clear my cookies before I start doing them. Don't forget to re-login to the site though! If you're logged into the site and clear cookies it will log you out, and if you don't log back in it won't know who to credit to )

I can't say I've never had crediting problems (I'm sure we've all had the occasional offer that for some unknown reason just didn't go thru), but I'd say that 98% of the time things seem to credit fine using this method.

PM me if you want step-by-step instructions... I have a link to a post around here somwhere... ;)


06-01-2008 16:40:33

all this was very helpful thanks guys. but ive always cleared my cookies before i do any offers just for good measure


10-01-2008 04:21:03

I have read a few times across the boards that it's good to clear cookies before you enter a site to make certain the offer you are choosing knows from which site you chose it. (clarity is not my forte)

i.e., If you checked out an offer on Rocketbills but did not complete it. Then you were on V-bux on a later date and decided to select that same offer the offer and actually complete it - the offer could get it's cookie tracking mixed up - so clearing at the beginning of a site keeps us from making an honest mistake and confusing our cookies...


24-01-2008 20:55:46

Well, this is the way that I started doing it and I've only had issues with 2 FreebieLife Sites not crediting since (but that's another issue). This is the same info that I give to my new people about cookies and greening. This is the way I do it and I'd rather play it safe and get the credit. I know everyone says something different~turn off anti-virus and anti-spyware, no NEVER turn off your anti-virus. Wait on the landing page for 5 minutes, no wait on it for 20 minutes. You get the picture....but seriously, waiting longer on the landing page I believe is probably what may have helped the most, but then again, who really knows!!

Confirm the trade.

Close out of all windows except this forum.

Go to Tools, Internet Options, Delete Cookies, Delete Files.

You can make sure all cookies are deleted by selecting view files, the box should be empty.

Turn off any pop-up blockers, anti-virus or anti-spyware, firewall. (These can prevent the offer from crediting).

Click on the link I provided. (Make sure that it shows you are being referred).

Sign up on the site.

Find which offer you are going to do, be sure to read any terms & conditions that the offer may have. If you have clicked on more than 1 offer, then log out and delete your files and cookies. Log back in to the site using my link, click on the offer and complete it.

Do the offer and wait on that page for 15-20 minutes before closing out.

Then close out of the site.

Delete your files and cookies again before doing another offer or another site.

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