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10-12-2007 11:25:59

I am trying to green on I'm telling you, I've greened on EVERY site that I've ever done. I may have had to do an additional offer here or there, but I've done 4 extra offers on this site and I cannot get the final 1/5 credit! I posted something on the forum and the owner responded but claimed that all my requests for manual credit must have been denied; there is no possible way.

Anyway, I will find another 1/5 offer to do today (if I can) and pray that it credits, I'm seriously going in the hole on this one!

Has anyone else had this trouble that you know of because it just seems awfully strange to me. I won't throw out any accusations, but additional offers=additional money for the site owner. Hmmm....

I am seriously not bashing anyone or any site, just having major issues here, and yes I already posted in the Forum and didn't get much from it.

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10-12-2007 12:28:32

I highly doubt any site isn't crediting offers and taking the money. Manual credits were never too great, and now they're worse than ever. Just having a manual credit option on your site is good nowadays. Crediting is terrible, it isn't the freesite's fault, just the actual offer and/or the affiliate they are using.