I can't get my final 1/5 credit on FreebieLife, what's up??

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08-12-2007 20:16:53

I've been trying to get the final 1/5 credit on freebielife.com and cannot get it no matter what I do. I've done 4 extra offers and it still won't credit. Support tickets go unanswered and manual credit requests from 11/10 are still unread. What's up? Come on now, someone is waiting for me to green! Any help?



09-12-2007 07:28:48

oops ? And you might not ever get it, I have referrals that have encountered the same problem and never greened (even after numerous support tickets and MCRs). He needs to implement a cash out for partial greens on all his websites so we don't have to worry about this problem anymore.