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02-12-2007 18:11:39

Hey everyone... Okay, I consider myself a reasonably intelligent individual, and I also have a decent amount of computer know-how... However, it seems to me that i'm not fully grasping the concept of deleting cookies and how that works for these sites.

--I have two trades right now with offers that are just not crediting, despite me doing what i was supposed to with deleting cookies and temp. int. files beforehand, staying with the landing page, and holding on the "thank you" page.

--It can't be the offers, i've come to the realization that it is something I'm doing and i need to figure out what it is. If someone with a lot of knowledge on how the cookie system actually works can explain to me the theory behind it, I will do whatever i can to pay you back, by way of going green for you on your site or whatever.

--This is frustrating the hell out of me... If I knew exactly how it worked and how to make sure it was working properly before completing an offer, i would save myself and my traders a lot of time and money and aggravation...

--Please, i need detailed information, not just the old "delete your cookies before completing an offer" "stay with the landing page" these aren't helping me.

--thanks for looking and thanks in advance for helping me out... I love this site, everyone is very friendly and willing to help us guys out... You don't see that too often, i hope this stays running for a long time )


sandra habina

03-12-2007 06:11:10

At the top of this forum is a guide for crediting. That may help and also I just bumped Margots' 2 threads - very helpful info.



05-12-2007 16:47:39


Thank you for the vote of confidence Sandy, but I believe Travis is looking for a bit more technical help then what I have in my threads. Granted, there is a lot of useful information that so many great people contributed, it is worth reading.

I hope those with the technical know how will be able to help you Travis. Much success to you!

I don't mind saying so myself, we are a nice bunch, welcome aboard! D

Margot wink