I own a freesite now what do i do?

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25-11-2007 22:37:39

Ok I am having a freebie site built, I understand CPA offers and how the free site script works but I am unclear if everyone here are people looking for free stuff or if everyone here is a free site owner?

How do I go about advertising my new site? I have about a 2k per month ad budget so any help would be appreciated


sandra habina

26-11-2007 00:38:08

This forum is a few site owners and many traders looking for referrals to work on those sites.

I would check with some of the moderators, they could give you information.


26-11-2007 12:53:11

Don't waste 2k a month, too many new sites out there, and if you know this little about freebie sites you're just going to get screwed out of your money.


26-11-2007 13:30:20

These are questions you should have considered before you contracted to have a site built.


26-11-2007 22:31:52

yup yup.
i mean you opened a site and don't know your own target market? not to say that freebie forums are all there is, but i would imagine you'd have figured it out by now what FIPG is, even if you'd never heard of it before and are looking around, can't you tell?


30-11-2007 08:24:54

Hi guys, no I see whats going on here but I am just wondering what other advertising options there are. I think its great everyone gets together and works with eachother but I think there is enough information for me to learn.

I have been running close to 73 websites online since 2004 and work from home and I have always wanted to break into this market. Thank you for dropping me a line and helping me see the light.

I have a solid internet marketing background with regards to PPC, SEO and web design so if anyone needs my help I am willing to trade for help..

Thanks everyone