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18-11-2007 13:18:28

Hi, everyone. I need to get a new LAPTOP, does anyone know the best site out there to get one 4free!!? Please let me know asap. Thanks!![/color9d99988eeb][/size9d99988eeb]


18-11-2007 19:56:58

http// ?
some of the tech specs are a little outdated (because i haven't updated some of those systems in a while) but i can order for you a better, up-to-date system. (i'll update the site soon, just haven't had time)

outside of my network, two other sites come to mind getstuff4free and macrobucks. i know they have computer/laptop sites. i think theirs are 2 credit sites, meaning twice the offers and 1/2 the referrals (i can do the same thing for you, with a custom order on cash.s4n, which is our 2-credit site).