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17-11-2007 13:38:29

Hi I'm meteor, this is my first topic in this state, if I do anything wrong

please tall me, thanks><

About this webhttp//paypal.wish4free.com/ , I know a lot of people get

pay from this company,and I just got this news couple days ago.

My question is How do this work?

Right now I only know that I have to get register in this web, and in one

day I have to let 3 other people to register in this web from my link, and

than I can get pay about 120$

Is all of these truth? Or do I miss any details?

Can somebody please tall me all the steps and what should I advertence?

And at lest,can somebody tall me how do this company make money?(how can they give us that much money but we only have to register?)

thanks for helping and reading,hope you guys have a good Thanksgiving!


17-11-2007 19:54:35

Yes, this is legit. You don't only need to sign up for their site, you also must sign up for trials. Basically what offers(companies) are doing is advertising, paying per sign up, and just marketing it online. Then they pay Wish4Free.com and Wish4Free gives you part of that. All it is is basic marketing with incentives, it's a genius idea and so basic and easy to do )

sandra habina

17-11-2007 20:06:20

You can also go to the trading post and contact a trusted trader and see if they have that site and they will pay you to register under them and doing the sign ups for offers. Then once you green you can get as many referrals to do the same under your link.

This does work. Welcome


17-11-2007 21:03:19

first of all.. thanks for helping,but...

maybe is because of my poor english,I can't 100% understand how

to do this,so can you guys teach me step by step?

like I just said,I only know I have to sign up,but what is the next step?

do I have to by anythig or...?


17-11-2007 21:11:56

where are you from? You need to try and advertiser offer.

sandra habina

20-11-2007 01:42:07

Read the rules and guidelines in the red box above. Also there are many threads on how to complete offers and get credit for them in this HELP Forum.
If you do not have a credit card then try to do some of the no cc sites, many traders have them on the trading post.; they are free and you will make money but much smaller amounts.

Most sites will explain how this works and how they can afford to give the money because the advertising companies pay them and then they pay us to do the offers. OK

Good luck.