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17-11-2007 11:46:13

Hi everyone, I've been lurking around this forum for a while now reading a lot of information about trading, and am interested in actually starting soon. After reading several threads about having a hard time getting credits, etc. I'm wondering just how possible it is to make a simple $200-$300/month extra by doing this? I have a lot of downtime with my new job, so making some extra beer money would be a plus. Is that goal feasible?

Thanks! D


17-11-2007 13:18:56

I'd say you can keep it up for several months (3-4) by being refs for people, but you'll eventually run out of sites and offers to do.

As for finding refs for sites you want to complete yourself, it's pretty competitive and shouldn't be counted on.

Once you get the feel of things, you can also get into DIY (see our section for that).


17-11-2007 19:52:35

Do some nice DIY sites and you'll be good ) A good brandarama site every month or two will easily get you to that goal. $500 for 3 offers, etc. They take months to ship but if you can do refs until you run out of offers or whatever and also start a brandarama every month from them you've got a good flow of cash coming in every month )

Big War Bird

17-11-2007 21:40:57

Read my guide on how to make money here. $200 to $300 a month is certain feasible, but you will be working rather hard at it.

sandra habina

19-11-2007 14:22:00

Great information. Yes it is feasible - stay positive.


19-11-2007 14:34:51

The way to succeed is to work with the ones you see succeed and stay away from the ones who just want your green. 8)