uh-oh forgive me

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14-11-2007 21:02:16

i am a noob oviously... and when i first joined i didn't see the rule stating that you couldn't post your ref link.... well i did for few post and then realized i wasn't allowed...so what i did was , i went to my history and quickly ran down it and tried to edit or delete my posts.... luckly i got them, or at least i think i got them all.... but will i get banned if people reported me in that time frame which was no greater then 10 min... also will i get a hold on my Trainns account.. cause right now i don't have any referals and if i'm gonna get a hold why even bother... please let me know..
and admin..if you find any please just delete them... i searched for good 20 min for all and think i got them all but i could be wrong.. thanks


14-11-2007 21:08:59

good catch, you will be fine.


14-11-2007 21:34:22

You should be alright.
It was only for a little while like you said, so I doubt many people saw the link and went ahead to report you.


15-11-2007 06:21:59

We usually just give folks a stern warning on the first offense anyway. Given that you caught and edited them yourself, no worries. Thank you.


15-11-2007 11:58:12

really glad to hear that... thanks