Business Days or Calender Days ?

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Chocolate Lab

14-11-2007 18:37:00

When signing up for an offer, you are given [b08da5c6cc1]X[/b08da5c6cc1] number of days to decide to keep it, or cancel. If a site says you have 14 days, does that mean business days (Mon thru Fri), or Sun thru Sat ??

The reason why I am asking is I signed up for an offer with a 14 day keep-or-cancel. That was 6 days ago and they still have not completed the processing. I sent an email with headers to the site and requested they process the order. The auto response says they have up to 5 days to respond. That is cutting it pretty close for me.

What if I decide I want to cancel? Will it take several more days to process the cancel - meanwhile my card is charged again?



14-11-2007 19:19:41

1. we do not discuss cancellations here
2. business days is what most places go by when shipping/answering support.
3. in terms of trial days, they go by calendar days