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13-11-2007 18:31:45

Okay so its been a while since ive been on free sites, the original Gratis FREE Ipod stuff and a couple more networks which I did greens for people, which I am not even sure if they would still be active or are still even in business, but the problem is, I belive the email i used was my yahoo which has been deleted by Yahoo and cannot be recovered because I offended someone in Yahoo Answers talking about religion. So they deleted all of my account and associated Yahoo services including email, pictures, personal, etc. So do you think I would get in trouble if I just started trading again, my IP is definitely different now, since I have no way of keeping track of what i signed up for, that i can feasibly see anyway. Which leads me to the next question, I saw you wont get credit for trading unless you have 2 karmas, I am on the good trader list, if you don't believe me search for "whitegreyhat" and even if you read all the associated topics, nothing is negative about my record at all. But I think when I was active, they didn't have a Karma rating. Any help or advice to get back on track would be appreciated.

Next question, like I said I have been inactive for a while. I was checking out some free sites, and for instance, its telling me for 100 paypal I only need 1 referral. and some of the offers say like 1/2 credit or some are 1/3. Not too familiar with this scheme (yes i did check the site but its not too clear -primodinero.com) So I just want to verify, a 1/3 offer, you would have to complete 3 of them to complete your account or your referral would have to complete three 1/3 offers or two 1/2 offers to have a complete "referral of 1".( 1 green) And in order to get your referral you must have completed at least a total of 1 of the offers, to get your account activated or whatever they call it. Like you cannot just sign up do no offers and have a referral complete a total of 1 credit, correct?

Sorry if I sound stupid but please don't be rude, Like i said I have done this a while ago, but the structures seem a bit different than i remember....

Thanks in Advance for your time to reply! bow

sandra habina

13-11-2007 22:36:28

Hello - let me see if I can help some. First I have not heard of needing 2 karma to get credits - that is not true. The rule is that one of the traders needs to have a TR (trade record) of 4 or more in order to receive credit.

ABOUT PRIMODINERO - you do need to read the threads about that site - he stopped paying people awhile ago - so PM me for info on that.
And yes - you need to complete the offer requirement yourself to go green (unless you find a site that is giving free greens) and then each referral does their offers for the credit it may be 1 offer or several depending on their worth. If each credit is worth 1/3 credit then of course you would have to do 3 to equal 1 full credit.

I hope this helps some. And no question is dumb.


14-11-2007 01:36:47

Thanks Sandra , its all coming back to me suddenly! Yeah i misread the TR thing on the trading page, my bad. Thanks for the useful info.
And also my TR should be 10 but the people who posted on the good trader list back when that was used had didnt use the +1 they just said went green on blah blah. But it is not a big deal, cool to see a trading system on the php.

About the fractional credit thing I never remember it being like that but I was wondering why the levels of referals needed were so low now!! Dam clever marketing to make it look easier .... hAHA

sandra habina

14-11-2007 20:18:35

Glad I could help. Best of luck to you dear.


24-11-2007 15:37:45

KARMA is pointless it just shows how many ppl love you hhaaa,