Which site/network is the best?

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Demonic DJ

12-11-2007 16:12:46

Ok, I want to know which site or network is the best. I mainly want to get an iPhone, a Mac, a Desktop computer (hopefully with vista) or Microsoft Windows Vista, or some cash.

There was a guy at Best Buy who got a Mac and is getting an iPhone from Freepay, so my Dad told me to sign up at that one first.

Please vote in the poll, and which offers are the easiest. My Dad doesn't like putting in his credit card number on unreliable sites.



12-11-2007 16:15:55

freepay ftw

and shame on you for wanting to know which offers are easiest. tisk tisk.


12-11-2007 16:19:31

Just do offers you're interested in trying, that's what's easiest

Demonic DJ

12-11-2007 16:20:16

well, like I said my dad doesnt want to just give out his credit card number and pay for a bunch of crap


12-11-2007 16:28:20

[quote3a4fc9248a="Demonic DJ"]well, like I said my dad doesnt want to just give out his credit card number and pay for a bunch of crap[/quote3a4fc9248a]

Then he should give it out for an offer he is legitimately interested in trying. Doing offers purely for the sake of getting credit is offer fraud.

Demonic DJ

12-11-2007 16:38:05

ok thanks

Demonic DJ

12-11-2007 16:52:22

anybody else with site recommendations, I will even take referal links if you PM them to me, if thats allowed


12-11-2007 18:07:19

I love trainn and zeropricetags. Can't go wrong with either.

sandra habina

12-11-2007 18:22:15

Also one of the best networks is 123stuffforfree - excellent support, fast crediting and super fast pays. And of course Trainn.
Easy 1 offer sites as well.


12-11-2007 20:25:55

i don't even get listed but this freeandez site does? i've never heard of them ?


13-11-2007 10:30:39

Why is FreePay even on the list?

Anyhow, voted TRAINN. You should have included GivaFree. Their offers are referral requirements are on par with TRAINN, I really like them.


13-11-2007 10:33:26

Because FreePay is legit, and has delivered tons of prizes.


13-11-2007 11:05:01

Trainn is your best bet for all around but it is going to be difficult to find referrals for sine a lot of people are only paying for refs, not doing offers.

Good luck )

Demonic DJ

13-11-2007 17:28:00

ok, well I am going to try to get some family members and friends to sign up, so hopefully Ill get my iPhone, im going to use freepay first, then try trainn

Thanks everyone!