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sandra habina

09-11-2007 13:02:02

I am working Hotgift4you and I have many partial credits and now he has given us the opportunity to cash in on them BUT we must first get a support ticket from that trader saying it is okay. MY PROBLEM is that most of these traders have been gone for months and will not reply.

Does anyone have a suggestion about getting the refs to send in a support ticket if they are no longer active? I have emailed them all and offered to pay for their partial credits but have not received one email back. I am at a loss as to how to use any of my many partial credits.

How do other sites do the partial credit promo - they do not require a support ticket from the refs - so how can we get around this? ANY IDEAS GUYS??

Any suggestions from any trader who has done a partial credit promo before would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou all
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sandra habina

11-11-2007 10:31:56

ANYBODY HAVE ANY IDEAS? How about other site owners?

Other sites have partial credit promos - but they do not require emails from old traders - how can they do this?


11-11-2007 11:38:36

I've not heard of this being done before, but I don't see why they can't do it.