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Chocolate Lab

07-11-2007 05:59:46

Last night I tried to sign up for an offer that someone sent me. We PM'd back and forth last night, but I was not able to do a successful trade.
Here is the gist of the conversation, maybe someone can offer suggestions. I think the problem is most likely that my computer settings are not right.


I don't know what I am doing wrong. I use Firefox, I cleared the cookies, and disabled the firewall and ad program. At the CashReward site, I tried to click on one of the offers. When I point to any offer link, it disappears, and I have a constant hour glass as if it is trying to load the page. I also closed the browser and opened it again and started over like the note says when logging in here.
I have also been sent to the FIBG login page - looks like I am getting knocked out for some reason

I went to the Trades module, hit confirm, and clicked on the Link to go to the offers page. I don't know why I can't choose anything. I looked at the page the previous night but didn't try to complete an offer - did that close me out of that site?

(Response from the guy who sent me link) idea I think I know why......have you "signed up" for the site yet? Basically when you click on the link I provide there is a place where you enter your information in (scroll down to create your account)- THEN go try to complete offers...... see if my idea/thought works... you need to sign up before you try to do any offers.

Nope - I really hoped that was the solution. I entered my email, then when prompted to chose my gift, I went to the offers tab. The page behaved the same.

I didn't want to try an offer at another site until these problems are sorted out. I want to know what I am doing wrong before attempting another site if possible. Also, I assume I have a popup blocker but I'm not sure.


07-11-2007 06:32:23

Does your referral see you signed up under him/her? If so, you need to be sure you are logged in at the site before going to the offers page. If that doesn't help, you could try using IE instead of Firefox. If that still doesn't work, definitely contact the site admin. It sounds like offers aren't loading properly. I'm not signed up at that site yet so I cannot check the offers but maybe someone else can see if the offers load for them.


07-11-2007 10:32:35

This is just odd.... I'm the other trader here that provided the link/trade!

Chocolate Lab,

As Zombievixen mentioned I should be seeing you as "signed up" for the site! I am not seeing that right now...!? From the link you have in the trade module.... you will see a step 1 (which is to choose a prize) then you will see a step 2 which is to "create your account". From here you put your email in and it will/should take you to a page where you "sign up" or put your personal information in such as name, address, etc. Then you will be signed up! From there you should be able to click on the offers page and then complete your offer requirements! I don't think the pop-up blocker or ISP is the problem.....

Another thought I have (which I dont think is the case) is that you signed up for the site already therefore I'm not seeing you as signed up under me??? Like I said, I don't think that would be the case here

Anyone else have any thoughts/ideas???

We'll get this figured out!

Chocolate Lab

07-11-2007 18:53:51

Thanks to both of you for looking at this!
krayf, I hope you don't mind that I brought this to the forum. I didn't see you online this morning, and I didn't mention your name above. Hope I wasn't out of line. I just wanted to put it out there and see if I could get some help.

I checked my Trade module. I am pretty sure I have never signed up on that site before.

Just to repeat when I went to the site (1) chose a prize (a gift card), (2) entered my email address - but was not sent to a page to set up an account. So this part differs from what you thought should happen. I checked my email account, there was no email of any kind. (3) went to the offers page and that was where I first noticed that there was a problem. It was a long page of offer links. When I pointed to any of them, the links disappeared.

I dunno. I was hoping to sort this out before trying another site. Maybe I should just drop this one and try the next one you mentioned, krayf. Should I try once more, or forget it?



07-11-2007 20:16:27

good luck with this, seems tottaly odd seems more like an error by lab


08-11-2007 06:42:14

Ch. Lab,

I'm glad you brought it to the forum. I am out of answers and don't understand it myself. First time I've ever ran into this so if somebody knew what is going on, they could share there ideas!
I pm'd you stating I think we should just move on..... you spent enough time trying to just get this figured out. As you know, we have another trade I set up...... I'm sure you can green that one very easily and won't run into ths problem.

Chocolate Lab

08-11-2007 07:26:21

Moving on to the next offer, then!

One more question, not related to the above problem
When I complete an offer, arrive at confirmation page (thank you page), and receive the confirmation email - do I forward that email with headers to you? Or do you get your own confirmation from the site?


08-11-2007 08:53:37

[quote26b09c4383="Chocolate Lab"]Moving on to the next offer, then!

One more question, not related to the above problem
When I complete an offer, arrive at confirmation page (thank you page), and receive the confirmation email - do I forward that email with headers to you? Or do you get your own confirmation from the site?[/quote26b09c4383]
You don't have to send that to your trading partner, unless they're later skeptical that you haven't done an offer or something. Your trading partner can see on the site that they've gotten credit from you once you go green. Hold on to the offer email confirmation in case you have to request manual credit from the site later on. Also take screenshots of the offer confirmation screen just in case.

As for your first problem, it sure sounded like your email was already used there (or the site thinks it was due to a bug) and that's why it bypassed the registration. You can always email their support to find out what's going on, since it seems to be a site specific problem.


08-11-2007 09:04:38

It seems that your cookies don't ''hold'', like the page gets refreshed and you are out of the login thing...that can explain why you aren't showing up under krayf and why the offers go wild....idk...


08-11-2007 09:52:08

That's true, it could be a cookie problem. Can you try to sign up again with all your cookies cleared, and when you try to sign-up, see what's going on in the cookies folder (see if the site is leaving a cookie). If nothing shows up, something is blocking it. You also said you already disabled the firewall and some ad program and I'm assuming you have your browser set to accept all cookies, so I'm not sure where this could be happening.

Did you also try internet explorer (if you're using windows)?