OMG! I Need Help!! Stopped getting credit~Why?

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30-10-2007 14:48:53

I have some sites that I'm doing for some people and I seem to be some trouble. On the very first one that I did, I got up to .88 credits and then stopped receiving credit. I have done WAY more offers trying to get credit for SOMETHING, but still haven't.

The 2nd site that I did, I completed the offers and didn't receive credit for any of them. I did GreenCine, 100 Tunes, Power Tea, and $Bargain Homes. For that particular site, I applied for manual credit. I sent them all of my confirmation emails. Waiting to see if I'll get credit....

The 3rd site that I did, I completed an offer for the Dr. Seuss Book Club for 1 full credit and nothing!

I'm getting EXTREMELY frustrated!!

I went in and did a disc cleanup on my computer today and then made sure to delete cookies before and after each offer and I still have not gotten anything, except a confirmation email from AutoVantage which I signed up for today for the 1st site that I'm still trying to get .11 credit on.

I can't figure out what is going on! The first site went so easy, until I got to where I only needed .11 and then everything just stopped.

Can you help???




30-10-2007 14:53:04

How long have you been waiting on the credits? Some can take a long time to show up.


30-10-2007 14:56:11

Well, they were supposed to be instant credits, except for one of them was 1 business day. I'm waiting for offers that I did on Thur, Fri, Sat, Mon and today. The 1 business day offer was yesterday. But, on the first site, I started getting them immediately and then it just stopped.


30-10-2007 21:27:59

Still need some advice, if anyone has any. The problem has not been solved yet. Please see my original post for info.



31-10-2007 07:02:26


This has been an ever increasing problem all across the boards for a lot of people. Due to frauders, many sites have cracked down on the ease of crediting for complete offers. I feel your frustration, especially since you are completing offers honestly and legitimately and you don't seem to be getting credit.

The only thing I can say is to wait it out for a few days. Even if offers are supposed to credit instantly, often times, they can take days, if not over a week, to credit.


31-10-2007 19:26:28

Hello michelle-kcmo,

I am not sure if you have read these or not, but they may be of help to you.

Guide to greens


Possible reasons you many not be getting your greens. Lots of helpful information.



01-11-2007 06:13:08

Could you tell me which site you did ?


01-11-2007 11:02:37

try this http//


01-11-2007 12:05:57

Thanks to everyone who posted! I will give karma to you, if I haven't already. I read every bit of Margot's threads and nothing seems to help, still no credit for anything that I do or have done. I think maybe this just isn't working out for me.

sandra habina

01-11-2007 16:44:07

Make sure you have all anti-virus or spyware programs off for doing trades and then put them back on after. I have been told to use FIREFOX and also to wait at least 10-20 minutes on the landing/thankyou page each. I hope some info has helped you dear. I know it is frustrating, but hang in there - alot of offers that say instant - take days now to show up. Make sure if you send the confirmation emails for manual credit - that you include the FULL HEADERS - they should credit.


04-11-2007 19:39:06

[quotee12829726f="sandra habina"]...wait at least 10-20 minutes on the landing/thankyou page each...[/quotee12829726f]

This is KEY! And make sure you DO NOT delete your cookies during that after-offer time period!! Always do ONE offer at a time! Wait at least 45 minutes to an hour before deleting cookies to do your next offer! And make sure the confirmation email is in your inbox BEFORE closing that thank-you page!

I think this is something that many people either forget or just disregard and as a result I think it's causing a lot of the crediting issues.


05-11-2007 16:15:31

actually, once you've completed an offer and closed the window, the cookie is useless and can be deleted immediately. no need to wait 45 minutes between offers.