I am new, I messed up, I need help

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19-10-2007 03:18:07

So I did an offer on gottabevip and from all the excitement I completely forgot to write down the offer details. I got a credit for doing that offer but no email was sent to me so, I don't have anything about this offer oops
The offer was "eBAY ONLINE" if anyone has any info about this please please let me know. Thank you!


19-10-2007 05:35:18

You should be able to go back to the site, look at the offers, and see which one it is. If it will not let you click on an offer you've done, you may be able to narrow it down that way as well.

Then, I would HIGHLY recommend this - decide now how you want to keep records. Some people here use a spreadsheet or something along that line. Personally, I am a paper and pencil person. I have a 3 ring binder with 4 sections.

One is for sites I have signed up for with all the details (when, for whom, how much paid or trade, etc). It may seem silly to you now, but when you have traded a while, many of the sites will sound the same, and you need to know what you are signed up on. Also, if you use different emails or passwords this would be the place to write it down.

The next is for offers, again with all the details (what site I did it on, how much it cost, what date I have to decide if I like it if relevant, etc) I leave a space for further details, such as customer service contacts.

Next I have a section for sites I am actively working, including who has promised to do refs, how much I have promised them, and when they go green. Makes it easy at a glance to see which sites I need the most.

My final section is for misc. notes, where I record relevant PMs, etc.

Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to PM me if you have other questions - I'm always happy to help.


sandra habina

19-10-2007 06:10:14

Great information Laurelwm. It is so important to keep good records.

You might think you will remember which sites and offers you have completed but after doing a few - they start to all look very similar.

Another suggestion for TS - if you can not click back in on that offer at the site you completed it on - you can find it on another site you have and read the TOS and get the info from there as far as trial time and contact information. They should also be able to give you your membership ID as well.

Good luck dear and write everything down.