offers and a router

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18-10-2007 19:25:32

So I have been around this game for a while now. A few months ago I got laptop form GiftMonster. So I just did a couple offers not too long ago with it via a router. I hadn't done any offers in a while but obviously I still know what needs to be done. No offer credited when I was wireless. Is this common? As soon as I went back to my desktop, I got credits right away. This post sounds a little funny but I think you should get the idea of what I am trying to say lol


18-10-2007 20:02:50

DMorris will be able to answer more authoritatively, but my guess is that it's coincidental. Have you had problems with several offers or just one?


18-10-2007 20:17:47

It was several on 2 diffenert sites. Both sites are known for good crediting.


18-10-2007 20:51:44

Wired vs wireless has absolutely no bearing on crediting. Now if your router were configured to block certain cookies or URL's, then you could have a problem. But none come configured that way by default, to my knowledge, so you or somebody would have to have done it (assuming your router even supported that feature, and not all do).

So I'm concurring with it being coincidence.


18-10-2007 21:53:32

okie dokie. Thanks