How to do sites using a Mac

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17-10-2007 16:28:50

OK, this may sound like a stupid question, but since I have read it many many times on here that the best way is to use IE to do the offers I'd like to know if I am likely to run into problems on a Mac (Safari or Firefox). Can somone give me instructions (like the one available for IE) to makes sure I get credit for doing offers.



17-10-2007 19:55:28

Firefox works just fine if you've got that.


17-10-2007 22:29:39


Below I have quoted a great traders advice on MACs and clearing your files and cookies. I hope he doesn't mind and that this gives you the help you need.

Thank you so much,

Margot D

darthwaiter wrote

Hey everyone, darthwaiter here!

I just thought I'd add my 2 cents. It seems that most of you are PC users, and I don't doubt the suggested cookie clearing procedures are correct.

However, for those using Macs, with Firefox, you need to go to

Preferences-->Privacy-->Cookies or Cache and follow the instructions.

Any questions, click on the ? icon for further explanations and directions.