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sandra habina

16-10-2007 20:50:42

I have a new trader - that is having problems loggin into a site she has already registered at and ALSO when I try to initiate a new trade for her - I get this message

The selected user is not permitted to engage in new trades.[/colorc103899a43][/sizec103899a43]

However there is no ban on her name and I have not read anything. Can someone let me know what is up please.

Thankyou wink


17-10-2007 05:51:21

Her ability to create new trades has been suspended. This is often done to give them a chance to make good on some outstanding trade debt. Or in some cases, a known problematic trader that for whatever reason doesn't warrant a ban will have their trading privileges revoked or suspended while being allowed to hang around. An example of that might be a member from a country known to not be allowed to complete freebie sites (China, for example) -- perhaps they contribute to the forum in other ways so we don't want to ban them, but we also don't want them attempting to trade.

I wasn't the one to revoke her privileges, so I don't know the reason.


17-10-2007 06:05:18

What user is it? I probably suspended her privileges.


17-10-2007 06:09:55

[quote13df71429a="KeithA"]What user is it? I probably suspended her privileges.[/quote13df71429a]
Check your PM's, Keith.


17-10-2007 06:14:51

[quotef068025ad4="dmorris68"][quotef068025ad4="KeithA"]What user is it? I probably suspended her privileges.[/quotef068025ad4]
Check your PM's, Keith.[/quotef068025ad4]

Oh heck yeah, that was me.

Ask her why she's been reading and ignoring my PMs for the last 3 days...that should clear things up.

sandra habina

17-10-2007 06:17:43

Oh so you know which user I am talking about? Or do I need to send you her email in a PM?


17-10-2007 06:21:12

[quote262429e6cc="sandra habina"]Oh so you know which user I am talking about? Or do I need to send you her email in a PM?[/quote262429e6cc]

I know who it is. (dmorris68 told me.)

Just tell her that all will be taken care of if she'll just answer my simple question.

sandra habina

17-10-2007 06:34:02

Thankyou - you guys are great in your response time. I appreciate your help. Thanks for looking out for all of us.

Now if I can get an answer from her - huh?

Have a great day.