Not sure this person on here but.....

Live forum:


13-10-2007 15:41:05

I had a ref do not now the user name, It was not here I looked but does not mean he/she is not here too. I got this from the site on the ref.
A user you referred,, has been placed on hold. Your status is not affected when a referral is placed on hold, but they do not count toward your referral requirements. Here is the explanation we gave them

Offer Fraud It has been determined that you have frauded one of the offers you completed. This includes providing false information, early cancellation, or completing the offer more than once.

The following notes were also included

It appears you have provided false information or have frauded offers. This is against our Terms and Conditions. If you believe this is incorrect please contact us at


14-10-2007 00:10:01

pm a mod to see if anyone registered here with that name
also, did u send paypal to that email?
is that email in a trading module trade?
did u email the person?


14-10-2007 05:43:28

Nobody registered with that email address here.