Curious about how to get some TR

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13-10-2007 08:57:31

Hi there, I am no newb to the freebie scene, but I was curious about how to raise my trader rating, I've been at FLR since May and indeed, I am all out of offers I can really do feasibly. Any ideas? (


13-10-2007 09:18:25

Pay people to do green for you on sites you need to complete


15-10-2007 10:59:45

But if no one will trade with me because I have no TR and two people with TR under 4 do not get leaves a vicious cycle P


16-10-2007 05:19:52

That's true. You should think seriously about whether you can trade greens - even just enough to get your TR up to that magic 4 number. Either that or offer more money and state clearly that you will pay upfront to anyone with a higher TR than you. It's risky, but it might be necessary.

I'm facing the exact same situation reversed. I have tried several times to drum up some refs on FLR and haven't even gotten a bite because I have no TR there. There is just way too much competition. I'm thinking about offering myself for a few greens because I need the money, but I haven't decided yet whether to do it here and increase my TR and my rep, or to do it on FLR to establish myself there.

I guess in the end it's a crap-shoot...