Does it matter what kind of a credit card is used on offers?

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12-10-2007 08:30:16


Yesterday I completed a bunch of offers for various different people and most of them have not been credited. I make sure to clear all my cookies and internet history. Anyway, I have been using my Paypal debit card which has a Mastercard logo. I just checked my Paypal account and all my transactions are still pending and some have not even shown up yet.

Does anyone else use a Paypal debit card? Do you have any problems getting credits?



12-10-2007 08:54:16

Lots of folks have used physical PayPal debit cards without problems. However the virtual PayPal debit cards have met with mixed results, depending on advertiser and whether yours was issued with a CCV number.

With many freebie offers, it's not uncommong for the charges to remain pending for several days, or to not show up at all, so that might not be a cause for concern.


12-10-2007 09:00:21

Thanks! My card was issued with a CCV number.

Would the credit only show up after the charges are no longer pending? I should have gone green on three different sites yesterday because I did all instant offers. Is it normal for it to take this long?


12-10-2007 11:21:08

Instant offers are very often not "instant." In fact, it seems that fewer and fewer are. I've done several "instant" Trainn offers that have taken 3-4 days or more before getting credit. I wouldn't get too worried about it yet.