Sending in redemtion certs??

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11-10-2007 12:37:40

First question is do your certificates have to be printed in color or do they accept them in black and white?

Second is do I send them in all together or do I have to send them in multiple packets for the company to get them and register them.

I have read all the help me stuff on the site and I cannot find it anywhere I just want to do this correctly and not get shafted for sending in the certs the wrong way.

Since the gift is only a $500 gift card there is no need to send them a W9 form as well correct?

Sorry if any of these questions are dumb and blatantly obvious thanks for your help.

These questions in reference too



13-10-2007 21:52:35

Shouldnt matter about the color. For that site, just send them in a normal envelope with a stamp and with delivery confirmation and you should be good.

Oh and no need for the w-9 since it is under 600.


13-10-2007 22:26:12

Thats the way I did it thanks for the reassurance. I know it was not the best site to start out on but oh well. You live and you learn.

Thanks again for the help.