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07-10-2007 12:58:00

I did 2 of ideal sites back in June. One for the 42 plasma and the other for the laptop. I printed my certs and mailed them in. Well after a month i contacted them and they said they did not recieve my w9 form so i sent them out again. Another month goes buy, nothing so i send them all my paper work again, still nothing. I finally got them to answer a email and they said on the tv site i did a offer 2 times, so they were not sending it,nothing still about the laptop. Well i cked and the offer they said i did 2 times did not credit so i did another offer and it credit. But if this was the reason on the tv , why did they send me the link to print my certs . in the 1st place and then say i did not send in a w9 form. I just dont know what to do. It is now Oct. and they wont answer my emails. I have sent in my paper work for both sites 3 times now. I NEED HELP. can someone tell me what i can do?? Please


08-10-2007 12:38:01

So no one has any ideal on what i can do???


08-10-2007 12:59:21

I imagine you're out of luck. The cert link is automated, they don't get around to fully approving your account until they process your forms, so just because you get a cert link doesn't mean you're out of the woods yet.

If they suspect you for offer fraud, chances are you're screwed out of getting anything, especially for sites done close together. And they are known for blowing off support requests after you hammer them for awhile, so it's probably best to write this off and look for another site, being very careful in the future about how you complete offers.

That's really the only advice anybody can give you, since none of us have any influence with or a direct line into I-Deal.


08-10-2007 13:27:26

Well did you do an offer two times? Or are they lying?

And "I think" what you're saying is you did an offer and it didn't credit... so you did it again on the other site and it credited?


08-10-2007 19:24:58

Yes i did the offer on one of there sites that offer did not credit. So on the laptop site i did that same offer and it credited. But i thought if a offer did not credit you could still do it as it did not go through. And they never said i did anything wrong on the laptop site ,just that they did not recieve my w9 form. So i dont understand that.