Help new here!!!

Live forum:


04-10-2007 17:19:21

I'm new here, but not to the sites, i have gone green on many sites on FLR but i do not like their system......I need help building Karma, my problem is I have already gone green on many what now????

Molina shock


04-10-2007 18:31:13

Karma and trade record are two very different things. Your trade record reflects the number of successful trades you've completed on this site. Trade recorded points are only awarded when both traders request credit and the trade is approved by the mods.

Karma, on the other hand, is awarded at users' discretion. Some people get it for being helpful, others get it for being funny, and I get it as a bribe.

Anyway, the simplest way to build a little TR here is to look for users with a TR higher than 4 and offer to pay them to complete refs for you.