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30-09-2007 15:59:22

So I'm trying to do the eAuction Tutor offer, but I keep getting declined. So I decided to do the increase my margin. I got declined again. I'm using my PayPal Debit Card which usually works.

Here is the error for increase my margin which was also the same error on eauction tutor
Oops! You have run into the following error

The following errors occurred while processing your information
Transaction declined. Duplicate transaction. Please call 801-578-9020 for assistance.

Duplicate Transaction? I've never done these offers before. I did the quickbook quick start offer a few weeks ago. But those are different correct? Thanks!


30-09-2007 16:02:39

If you have done anything with google you may get that error. I know that my gf tried to do 2 google biz offers but the second one got declined. I figured that it was because it was the same company?

I didnt bother to look into it for her though, she just went ahead and did another offer.


30-09-2007 18:45:25

You can't do two from Pacific Webworks with the same card within a short time of each other.


01-10-2007 10:26:20

oh okay. As long as I can do them in the future then its good.


01-10-2007 13:48:09

Good to know, I was planning to do these two tonight!