Can you tell me how to do for this site? I need your help!!!

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30-09-2007 13:41:36


I signed up this link long time ago and it need 18 referrals and I could get the free gift $1050. I had 12 referrals but I still need 6 referrals. When I signed up this link, this link has more offers but now it only has 3-4 offers and every offer need more money to complete the offer and also this offer need 30 to 60 days to get the green. I had more then 60 persons to sign up this link but they could not get the green. Now how can I do for this link? If I give up this link, I lost some money. If I go on this link but how can I go on this? I am afraid this link and lose more money.

I ned your help and suggestion.

Many thanks.





01-10-2007 05:47:59

let me guess..this is a offercentric site? These are called the OOD offers, and as you progress towards your prize on offer centric sites..they become harder.Im sorry you are just now realizing this.There is nothing you can do except offer more money letting people know that the offers are harder.dont get discaraged tho..not every site does this! good luck to you


01-10-2007 06:55:01

Hello friend

Thanks for your reply.

I will do my best do this site. I am unsure how many people has done this site.

Thanks again.



01-10-2007 08:03:37

You chose a difficult site do pursue. Getting 6 more people that all might be condemned with OOD's... that could cost you up to 60 per referral....

But I wish you luck! Don't give up!


01-10-2007 13:48:49

OOD... But you should continue. These last refs will cost you a lot!