interested, Any good referral sites for laptops?

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29-09-2007 13:11:44

Okay so i want a laptop, but not just any given one, preferably without integrate graphics cause I want something to Run various programs like, wow,adobe photoshop cs2/illustrator.. and other nice programs. I also would hope for a laptop that has starting 2GB expandable memory to 4GB(4096MB)
Anyway Anyone out there who has met and receive a laptop meeting my liking??or close at least .. thanks in advance.


30-09-2007 09:44:01

Just find a laptop you like from amazon or something.
Then custom order it on a site like YourGiftsFree.
They have a $50/referral payout ratio.

sandra habina

30-09-2007 20:38:44

Hotgifts4you has a new site Laptops. He will custom order whatever you like. I have the site if you would like to sign up also.