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24-09-2007 14:17:12


i always use internet explorer when signing up for offers. recently my computer has a sign showing it detected spyware/adware infection. so i just bought the program, it shoud be coming in next week. my question is it safe to use mozilla firefox to sign up for offers? is the crediting issue the same as using internet explorer? thanks!!!


24-09-2007 15:26:15

ie is generally recommended but firefox should be fine


24-09-2007 15:35:05

i recommend firefox for doing offers


24-09-2007 16:33:09

[quotea9c4e678f1="bruman"]i recommend firefox for doing offers[/quotea9c4e678f1]
As do I...
Internet explorer just isn't cutting it for me anymore.

As long as you turn off pop-up blockers, and enable cookies on all sites in firefox, you're set.



24-09-2007 17:22:37

I don't use IE for lianythingli freebie related. Firefox has worked fine with every freebie site I've done.


24-09-2007 21:03:35

thanks everyone for their input/info. helps alot. all this time i thought majority use internet explorer.


27-09-2007 13:31:20

We all used to use IE all the time. I still do for freebies. I have some many addons to firefox b/c I use it most of the time for browsing that I don't want to bother stripping to down to do offers. I've never had an issue w/ IE6. I never did upgrade to IE7.


27-09-2007 13:32:55

I don't touch IE anymore and I recommend FireFox for everything

sandra habina

08-10-2007 08:38:53

Wow I was told you use IE for offers but I use firefox for the trading module because IE will not let me update it.

Thanks for info guys.


08-10-2007 08:56:16

Yup, FF is the way to go. My school installed it on all the computers so since then, I've used it for everything.


10-10-2007 14:19:54

Firefox should be fine for most offers. If an offer calls for IE, we specify it in the offer requirements. But most offers now are tracked through pixels on the confirmation page, which means you can use IE, Firefox, Opera, or just about anything for them.



10-10-2007 18:16:10

Since I got the ie tab emulator for firefox, I use ie 1% of the time.