Unable to initiate a trade

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24-09-2007 11:46:53

Hey everyone,

I seem to be having problems initiating trades. I just keep getting an error

Failed. This can happen for several reasons
- You tried to initiate a trade with yourself
- You included a link in the subject (add it later in the "notes" field)
- Your subject was too short. Make it meaningful.

It's happening with every user I try. Is this something new?

Sorry if there's already been threads on this, I'm at school and just made this thread at the end of class.


EDIT I guess it's wise to let you know that this isn't the first trade I've initiated before.


25-09-2007 08:55:10

Make FIPG a "trusted site" or lower security setting and that should fix the problem.


26-09-2007 08:31:53

Did you make sure to not do any of those three things listed? I'm sure you did. Contact a mod if you keep having problems.


27-09-2007 09:01:28

Try using Firefox, your problem is typically associated with IE7.


27-09-2007 18:54:22

Yes it's an issue with IE7 but is resolved by either lowering your browser security settings a notch, or (preferably) adding FiPG to your trusted site list.


30-09-2007 09:36:45

[quote220dae4f4b="jeagle82"]Did you make sure to not do any of those three things listed? [b220dae4f4b]I'm sure you did.[/b220dae4f4b] Contact a mod if you keep having problems.[/quote220dae4f4b]

And I'm sure you're entirely wrong, so don't go harshing my mellow D

Everyone else was right, though. I was at school using IE7. Since it was a school computer, I'm sure the security was up on it. Thanks for that tidbit of information, chaps.


06-10-2007 23:22:07

I think it's worth mentioning here that this same situation applies to the script prompt (i.e. the little box that pops up on the upper left-hand corner of your screen) when leaving TR feedback. In IE7 -> Internet Options -> Security tab, the slider has to be on medium (which is the lowest allowable setting) for these script prompts to work, or, as was mentioned above, FiPG should be added to your trusted site list.