Trouble getting referrals

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23-09-2007 12:20:44

I need some tips on getting referrals. I can't trade because I have no Credit Card. I got to sign up for my site because they have a promotion for an unreferred free green.
I need some tips for non credit card ways to get referrals.


23-09-2007 13:35:11

Steal your mom's credit card and sign up for all the offers you want
just kidding, ask her first

sandra habina

23-09-2007 14:11:31

Having a credit card - doesn't have anything to do with getting referrals dear. You just post that you are looking for referrals for your site and traders will sign up under you, as long as you have paypal to pay them.

If you want to do some offers there are several sites that have no cc offers and you can get paid by other traders. Check out no cc sites and the traders offering them or check with some traders - most of us have sites with several no cc offers and you can still go green and be paid.