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Freddy Fred

19-09-2007 18:23:03

When signing up for a site choose referrals and not points.

Someone has paid for your referral. They are trying to get the site completed in a timely fashion and expect you to do an instant offer.

Keep in contact the entire time until green. Traders do not like to sweat it out not knowing if they need to find that last green elsewhere because you have not greened yet and it has been 2 weeks since you've been heard from.


19-09-2007 18:28:41

It doesn't matter what kind of account you choose, you just need a certain amount of points(marked on the site) to green. And other than that it's good info.


19-09-2007 19:36:28

Not sure about other networks, but for Trainn your ref just need 50 points if you choose points instead of refs.


20-09-2007 17:48:02

Yep, 50 points to green. So, if your ref chooses Points, you should be all good. ;)


20-09-2007 20:35:39

yeah, any other site besides trainn, if they're picking Points, they're on the wrong site entirely ;)