question about getting another computer?

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14-09-2007 10:42:13

hello, i'm looking into getting another computer but had some quest. first. i read the other posts regarding this but i want to make sure i understand this correctly...
do i need to contact anyone (sites) to let them know, replaced prev. comp.? any extra measures to take at all, or just switch'em & i'm good?
also, i was thinking of getting a used computer for now from ebay-should i have any extra concerns in thought of freebie world since i wouldn't know the seller personally? i know the chances are slim, but what if they were once too involved in freebie world, would this affect me? any input would be appriciated! thx!!


14-09-2007 10:59:58

You are good to go, no actions necessary

/end )


14-09-2007 13:15:50

The computer itself has absolutely nothing to do with freebie sites or your freebie status, so you're fine with whatever computer you choose.


14-09-2007 17:45:11

8) thanks guys! know it was a stupid question, but wanted to be sure! not trying to break any rules, thx again!!

sandra habina

17-09-2007 05:14:12

Question - what if I get a new computer and give my son my old one - can I use my new computer but if for some reason I wanted to show him something upstairs on the old one is it okay? Both would have same address and same service. So I am not sure if I could login with the old computer and check sites - or is that bad?

Sorry ip address has me totally confused and paranoid. Thankyou in advance.


17-09-2007 06:38:35

Sandy, your IP address is the LOCATION, not the computer. You could have a dozen computers in your house and as long as they use the same internet connection, they will all have the same IP address. And if your son lives with you he can't do any freebie sites anyway - one account per household.

Did that answer your question?

sandra habina

17-09-2007 06:46:01

Yes thank you dear - I know about only one account per household, I was just wondering if you could check on the other computer. Thankyou again Melissa you know how computer illiterate I am first hand. LOL


17-09-2007 08:04:38

Yes, you could check from the other computer, since both would be in the same household and under the same public IP. The freebie site wouldn't know the difference. Just don't create multiple accounts from the same household.