Doing Your Savings Club offers like At Home Rewards+

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10-09-2007 20:40:04

I have a question about doing the Your Savings Club offers. I guess thats the name of the company, and i've done a couple of their offers. I was wondering if it's okay to do a site like "At Home Rewards - $25 Visa Gift Card" and then also doing one like "At Home Rewards - $25 Home Depot Gift Card" - I guess I am asking if they are considered two different offers, or if they would be the same thing.


11-09-2007 06:11:15

They are considered the same offer since they are for signing up to the same site. You could do both 'At Home Rewards - $25 Visa Gift Card' and 'shopping Essentials - $25 Visa gift card', for example, because they are different site sign ups.


11-09-2007 07:04:03

Just watch out because all those offers also sign you up for Your Savings Club


11-09-2007 16:51:10

Yeah okay thats what I thought. Thanks