Leaving Feedback

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10-09-2007 13:06:03

I just completed my first trade Yay

Anyways, when I updated the trade mod to Request TR, I did not get a feedback window, so I was not able to leave feedback.

Can anyone help me with this?



10-09-2007 13:36:58

Are you using Internet Explorer version 7? It will not work with IE7. You need to use IE6 or firefox to leave feedback.


10-09-2007 13:50:35

It will work with IE7 as well as the other browsers. You need to change your security settings (not privacy, that's what you lower to allow cookies) from the internet options under the tools menu. Choose custom level and check [b87e99e643c]enable[/b87e99e643c] for the option "allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows". It should be near the bottom of the list.

It should now work, though I don't think FB can be left for trades done previous to this. This process is basicly the same for IE6 as well, some options may be worded diferently though.


sandra habina

11-09-2007 04:46:11

I was also told to allow pop ups. Not sure if that will help.
But that is what I tell my traders - to take pop up blocker off and the lower their security settings as stated above.